Benzoic acid

CAS No.:65-85-0

Benzoic acid;ACIDUM BENZOICUM;BENZENE CARBOXYLIC ACID;benzeneformic acid;Benzenemethonic acid;CARBOXYBENZENE;DRACYLIC ACID;FEMA 2131;'LGC' (2405);'LGC' (2606);'LGC' (4003);METTLER TOLEDO CALIBRATION SUBSTANCE ME 18555;oracylic acid;phenyl carboxylic acid;PHENYLFORMIC ACID;PUROX B;RARECHEM AL BO 0012;VEVOVITALL(R);210;a 1 (acid);Benzoic Acid Zone Refined (number of passes:20);Acid Composite Mixture;Additions to Method 8270;AKROCHEM? Retarder BAX;Benzoic Acid Solution;BENZOIC ACID, GR ACS;Benzoic acid,medicinal;EPA Method 8270 additions;Initial Calibration TCL Compounds;Mettler-Toledo Calibration substance ME 18555, Benzoic acid;Toxic Substances - Mix 1;[ "Benzenecarboxylic acid" ];Benzenecarboxylic acid;苯甲酸;Phenylcarboxylic acid;Benzenemethanoic acid;Retardex;Benzoesaeure GV;Benzoesaeure GK;Tenn-Plas;Retarder BA;Acide benzoique;Solvo powder;Salvo liquid;Benzoesaeure;Flowers of benzoin;Flowers of benjamin;Benzoic acid, tech.;Unisept BZA;HA 1 (acid);Kyselina benzoova;Benzoic acid (natural);Benzoate (VAN);HA 1;Caswell No. 081;Diacylic acid;Benzoesaeure [German];Acido benzoico [It

Product introduction

Solubility: 微溶. 0.34 g/100 mL
Category: Phenols
Appearance: powder
Purity: 95~98%(HPLC)
Storage conditions: -20°C under seal save, placed in ventilated, dry environment
Application: All our products are for research and lab only. Injecting, eating and other ways are forbidden.
Package: 5mg,10mg ,20mg ,50mg ,100mg,1g, 100g or customized
SMILES: O([H])C(C1C([H])=C([H])C([H])=C([H])C=1[H])=O